People who somehow stumble across this website must wonder what motivates me to broadcast into the void. I don’t heavily advertise this website – I just link to it on various social media. As far as I can tell I don’t have a single follower, nor anyone using the RSS feed, which I don’t even know is actually working since I don’t use RSS.

I can only assume that the only people reading these posts are those whose curiosity takes them here, briefly glancing through these somewhat long-winded walls of text before departing forever. To you, the curious reader, I say, “Welcome!”

I first created a website to apply for a hackathon. The application requested a website, so I made one in a week. It was not great. Even though it was essentially a resume in website form, I put a lot of my heart into the writing.

And I guess, to give the short of it, that’s what motivates me to post[1]. I like writing. This should come as no surprise to those who know me. Both of my parents write professionally, my mother as a writer and my father as a professor of history. And once I get started talking, I can get to the point where words leave my mouth before thoughts form in my head.

Writing is fun, and so is sharing my thoughts. The idea of someone stumbling across my words and enjoying them is another part of what motivates me, even if that someone is only here in passing.

I will go back on an earlier point, though, I have at least one follower: myself. On a few occasions I’ve gone back and reread my own posts. You can call it vain, but it’s nice to engage again with the interests, thoughts, and feelings I had a few years prior, especially since interests, thoughts, and feelings come and go.

But yeah, most of this I suppose is just writing for writing’s sake. Maybe I’ll change this website’s tagline from “K for Kurashige, with a dash of uniqueness” to “Writing for writing’s sake.” It’s not very original, though…


  1. To use more correct language, it’s what motivates me to want to post. Whether I actually get around to broadcasting things into the void is a matter left to a different kind of motivation. Go back.