It was about time for a new website

My old website[1] had long been broken (albeit only in a minor way) by some sort of update to HTML. In its defense, it wasn’t a particularly bad website, especially for one that I hastily threw together for a hackathon application. But I had quite a few qualms with it, the biggest being that it was completely hand-written HTML and CSS: no frameworks, nothing. I decided that I needed a change, so I created this site using Hugo and the Ghostwriter theme, which has been much to my tastes so far. It’s now hosted using Netlify.

“Created” is used loosely here, since most of the design was reordering the icons and changing up the colors. If you know me well, you’d know that I despise using templates, even though I am neither trained in design nor good at it. Alas, I’m compromising for the time being, as I’ve found creating a website from scratch is – unsurprisingly – a lot more difficult than I first imagined. I plan on adding further modifications of this theme, which might lead to the creation of my own one day.

As for content, I plan on migrating some of the content of my old website as well as getting around to writing a few posts for projects I never got to detailing on my old website. The “Projects” section at the time of writing this is currently empty, but like I mentioned, I plan on changing that soon. Stay posted!


  1. If that site is down (presumably because I took it down), I’ve uploaded a screenshot of part of it here. Go back.