Like many people with a website, I am wont to forget that I have one most of the time. Well, I recently remembered. And this time, I have actually done things with this knowledge.

I’ve gone and cleaned up my handling of the Project Euler posts, which I had hurriedly taken down when I learned of a change in policy. I also removed some hidden posts that were no longer needed and updated the tagline to be more pithy.

I have added some new posts. I hope to carry this momentum through and at least make a monthly post from now on, especially since I’ve lost 50+ posts.

I have vague plans to eventually organize the posts on this website into sections, something like: programming, music, or miscellany. The thought of tinkering again with Hugo scares me, especially since I’ve both forgotten how to use it and what hideous hacks lie behind the facade of my website. For now, I guess I’ll just stick to tags.